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Video Poker Online For Free With No Deposit Bonus

Real play
Real Play
  • • The present type of Poker takes roots in Europe of the 16th century, but the general rules are ancient.
  • • Poker has become one the most famous games throughout the world.
  • • You need to collect the highest combination of cards with the hand you are dealt to win the bet in Poker.
  • • This is one of the most psychological type of games and the gamblers can make other participants quit.
  • • Gamblers ought to think how to keep the cards for themselves.
  • • A number of types of Poker exists: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, etc.
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If you’re looking to play free poker in a land-based casino, there’s no place that allows you to do it, as it would mean that they’ll lose lots of money by keeping the seats occupied. This is why video poker online is a better option for any player who likes this game, as many websites allow you to try it for free before deciding whether to place real bets or not.

Additional Info
  • • The basics of Video Poker is usually the rules of 5-card poker.
  • • It is possible to see on the screen the table of winning combinations and the information about payout.
  • • When a player intends to make a bet, he receives 5 cards from the deck (standard one, 52 cards).
  • • After this, the user decides on the cards he will keep and on the cards to ditch.
  • • Winning combinations agree with the ones revealed in the table.
  • • The rarer the combination is, the higher it is paid out.

Main rules of free video poker games

Video Poker was first available in casinos and bars and it looked like those big, old slot machines except that it had an interesting cards game on the screen. If you’ve ever played 5-card poker you will have no problem understanding this game.

When you start to play this casino game, you’ll notice that there are five cards on the screen and after you click ‘deal’ they will reveal some numbers. After you look at your hand you have the option to change some of these cards to be able to form a winning combination. If you’ve never played video poker games before, here are the winning hands you should look for:

  • • A pair;
  • • Two pairs;
  • • Three of a kind;
  • • Straight;
  • • Flush;
  • • Full House;
  • • Four of a kind;
  • • Royal Flush;

Depending on the video poker version you play, you might also find other winning combinations, such as ‘jacks or better’, ‘tens or better’ or ‘straight flush’. Also, while some versions only allow you to change your cards once, others let you do it two or three times, so the game gets more interesting and you get more winning chances.

Winning at video poker slot machines

While when you play Texas Hold’em or 5-cards poker you aim to get a better hand than other players, in the case of video poker it’s only you vs the dealer. In order to win a round you must have a better hand than the computer, so you should aim for the best combination every time.

The royal flush is the best combination you can have, followed by four aces while the pair will bring you a win only when the dealer has nothing. When you play free poker, you place bets using some digital coins and they act like real money, except for the fact that you cannot withdraw them. Enjoying this game just for fun prepares you for the real money version so it is a good way to train and to come up with some strategies.

Conclusions about video poker

If you don’t feel like playing a casino game with other players and you don’t actually like Texas Hold’em, finding a good version of video poker online is a good way to spend your free time. It will help you prepare for when you want to play for real money and it will also offer you lots of fun.

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