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Play Online European Roulette for Free With No Download

Real play
Real Play
  • • The interface is one of the simplest.
  • • The wheel includes 37 ball pockets.
  • • External and internal bets are standard.
  • • 1000 is the maximum total bet.
  • • Each bet has 2 extra scores.
  • • Payout is approximately 97.30%.
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European roulette is by far the most popular casino game of all time. There’s no casino lover who hasn’t tried at least once a game of roulette. Probably what makes this casino game so popular is its mystery and the possibility to win really big prizes on each spin.

European roulette online keeps this out of its land-based version and has turned into a very beloved online game and continues to outshine every other game of chance.

Additional Info
  • • Is similar to the English Roulette.
  • • Among its benefits is the possibility to change your bet in case you need this.
  • • It is possible to dispose of all the bets clicking on “Clear All” button.
  • • In this version of Roulette you will find a very realist wheel animation and ball turning.

European Online Roulette: The Rules

Generally, a European roulette game has a wheel with 37 pockets, which are numbered from 1 to 36. There’s also a pocket that contains number 0. The dealer places the ball outside the roulette wheel and they will start spinning it. The ball will start rolling round the edges before stopping into a pocket. Wherever the ball falls, that’s your winner.

European Roulette game has one goal: for the player to guess which number is going to win. The variety of betting is multiple. It isn’t necessary to guess the right number, however, one can place the bet on a different range of numbers, the winning happening if any of those numbers is the lucky one. Players have the possibility to place as many wagers as they like for every spin. A roulette European has two wagers available. The inside bets represent the ones to cover one or few numbers which are inside the layout of a table. Outside bets, on the other hand, cover a larger wheel portion.

European roulette can be played in live mode, where every player will receive a chip of a certain colour to distinguish the bets. The dealer accepts bets until is time to spin. There’s also a last second wager too. Online European Roulette allows the player to place their bet and spin in their rhythm.

All the non-winning bets will be taken once a winning number has been revealed. After a round is over, a new one is supposed to start again. The most known rule of European Roulette is La Partage, where whenever a spin outcome is zero. From all the bet money it will only be considered half of it lost.


Conclusion Online European Roulette

European roulette is the most serious casino game and every respected player has tried it. Regardless if you choose the American version or the European one, winning in roulette is a matter of fate. Only the strong will win on this popular casino game.

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